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  • wants to volunteer 2016-12-22 15:09:32 +1100

    Become a volunteer

    You can make a difference! Develop skills in working with teams whilst furthering the cause of bike riding in Tasmania by:

    • Helping as a volunteer at Bicycle Network Tasmania rides and public events.
    • Supporting our advocacy by helping with submissions and taking our views to committees and meetings.
    • Supporting our publicity by helping us with press releases and articles.
    • Contributing specialist skills and knowledge, for example in web management, accounting, bike maintenance, traffic management, council planning etc.
    • Join our State Committee and contribute to campaigns and projects that you are interested in.

    Please consider submitting your details to our volunteer register below.

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  • commented on What's On - Bike Week 2016 2016-01-22 13:26:03 +1100
    Thanks for your interest, Paul. We said goodbye to the regular Century Ride here: http://www.biketas.org.au/we_say_goodbye_to_cycling_sunday. It’s due to a combination of reasons: Bicycle Network is bringing new and exciting rides to Tassie, starting with the Peaks Challenge, and more may be in the pipeline. Also a declining capacity amongst our volunteers to organise and manage these rides to the required level of safety. And a sense that it is time for a change, to try something different. People wanting to do 100km in a more social (less competitive) fashion are welcome to register for the Small Century Ride.

  • commented on Battery Point pathway saga 2015-07-02 13:17:23 +1000
    Well spotted David: http://www.themercury.com.au/lifestyle/tasmanias-beachside-suburb-of-bellerive-hits-the-hot-list/story-fnj64ocs-1227422372615
    Having ready access to a safe bikepath is a great selling feature for houses!

  • commented on Sandy Bay Rd Stage 2 complete 2014-10-15 10:22:13 +1100
    Here’s a further update from the pathway designers at Hobart City Council:

    “(We) will arrange for immediate line marking adjustment so that we carry the striped centreline of the shared path further south to just short of the first tree. We noticed some wrongly placed signage indicating ‘start/end’ of the facility also that will be relocated and that should assist cyclists in understanding where to cross SB Road.

    (We are) doing a quick sketch design for DSG approval. Once we have that, we have a line marking sub contractor coming back to do minor other works for Stage 1, so we will do this at the same time.

    We will progress whether we can remove the tree to improve sight distance and to improve the legibility of the arrangement. Also, (we have) a good idea for allowing cyclists to enter the on road bike lane further north of the crossing point which we will consider further and just weigh up the pros/cons of that. We won’t do that immediately. It might be something we pass through the bike committee if we think there are any downsides of the idea".

  • commented on RSAC focusses on cyclist safety 2014-09-11 15:29:26 +1000
    Here is the Minister’s Press Release:

    11 September 2014
    Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

    Pushing ahead with cycling safety

    The Liberal Government is committed to improving road safety for all road users, particularly cyclists.

    New cycling warning signs will be installed on popular cycling routes across the state with $100,000 in funding from the Road Safety Levy, which delivers on our election promise.

    The signs will reinforce a need for drivers to be aware of cyclists and advises they should pass cyclists safely, with graphics using the “a metre matters” messaging.

    The locations have been identified by the Road Safety Advisory Council in consultation with Local Governments and cycling advocacy groups, and include the Pinnacle Road, Channel Highway Huonville to Cygnet, Meander Valley Highway and the West Tamar Highway.

    The State Government has also accepted the Road Safety Advisory Council’s recommendation to not legislate at this stage for offences for passing cyclists closer than one metre on roads under 60kmh or closer than 1.5 metres on roads more than 60kmh.

    We continue to monitor a trial in Queensland, where this legislation has been introduced, and will look closely at their evaluation when it concludes in 2016.

    I have also asked the advisory council to investigate a potential amendment to the road rules to allow motorists to legally cross solid white lines only where necessary, to allow a safe passing distance.

    Our Government is also supporting a bike education program in schools, including of cycling related questions on the L1 test and online practice test, and is adapting the Amy Gillett Foundation’s highly successful “it’s a two-way street” campaign for use in Tasmania.

    The Liberal Government strongly believes that the right to safe usage of our roads is shared equally by all road users and we will keep working to reduce risk to vulnerable road users like cyclists.

  • commented on Lutana Rail Spur 2014-09-04 21:46:07 +1000
    Andreas, the land is currently owned by TasRail. There is no technical reason why the area could not be lit, as there are certainly power cables in the vicinity.
    All those interested should come to the next Lutana Link meeting (Sunday 14 September 3.30pm at Goodwood) and ask their questions directly, or keep following lutanalink.wordpress.com for updates.

  • commented on Speak up for Battery Point walk/cycleway 2014-06-12 13:33:44 +1000
    Update 12 June 2014: Apparently there is a technical issue with the Development Application published 1 May 2014 to do with heritage issues, which would make it vulnerable to appeal. Because there is an active lobby against the pathway, which will definitely appeal, the Hobart City Council has decided it should withdraw the current DA to remove the error. So, the Council will have to re-advertise the new DA – and we will once again demonstrate the depth of community support for the project.

  • commented on No Go on the Road to Nowhere 2014-04-22 09:42:00 +1000
    The Western Explorer is now open to traffic again.

  • commented on Radfords Track on Mt Wellington closed for works 2014-02-19 16:25:46 +1100
    19 Feb: The installation of chicanes on Radfords Track to manage the speed of mountain bike riders has been completed. Further signage will be installed on the track in the coming weeks.

  • commented on Book Review Fifty Bikes 2013-12-16 13:20:19 +1100
    Fullers in Hobart have a few in stock.

  • Council voted to proceed with the development application, with all speakers supporting the proposal. Our email campaign was certainly noticed! Aldermen mentioned 50 supportive emails coming in over the past few days, with two more coming as the item was being discussed.

    There was warm debate over whether to conduct another survey of the local community. In the end it was decided to do the survey, in order to ensure the State Government can have no doubt about the community’s current views. The survey may form part of the consultation process around the Development Application. We now need the survey to be well designed and conducted, to ensure a balanced view is obtained. And timely – the survey must not become a reason for further delay to the project.

    The State Govt (thanks heaps to Nick McKim) is providing the $75K that will be needed to prepare the application for Stage 1 (Marieville to slipyards; shown in photo). There was mention at the meeting for more to support Stage 2 (slipyards to CSIRO), so let’s see the project steam ahead now.

  • commented on RACT Board Election 2013 2013-11-20 19:34:11 +1100
    Phew! Andrew Abbott didn’t get elected to the RACT Board on his outrageous anti-bicycle platform. Thanks to all who read our candidate survey. Congrats to those members who were returned and to Jenny Self as a newly elected member.


  • commented on Cycling Roundtable Forum 2014-09-04 07:29:11 +1000
    Thanks Andreas, yes it was 2013, we’ve editted the post to make that clear.

  • commented on Rider of the Week #29 2013-09-20 08:53:04 +1000
    The extra weight of the bike must be due to the metal basket on the front? What brand is the bike?

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