200 and still going strong

And they work every day, a trusty but not rusty steed carrying their owner to work, the shops or a Sunday ride. 

Trade in? Never. 

Some smart young carbon thing might join them in the garage but who could let go of the 1960 Malvern Star with all that history and happy times wrapped up in those 10 gears. 

A good and faithful servant. 

Now we’ve got you all nostalgic, we want to hear from members about that old bike that’s still doing sterling service. 

Tell us its story, reveal why you love that bike, and send us a picture or two. 

If you know others with a trusty rattler still going strong, give them a nudge and get them to participate as well. 

These stories will be our contribution to the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle on June 11. 

Please send your words and picture to our Tasmanian adviser Garry Bailey by emailing [email protected] 

Then we can make a big deal of you and your bike as part of the celebrations.


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