RideGuide - a rider's map of Tasmania

While we wait for our elected representatives to prioritise investment in infrastructure and services to support people riding bikes..... our clever volunteers are just getting on with it.  Greg, Nait and Di are pulling together a map of Tassie designed to include heaps of useful information for bike riders, based on open source tools. 

We are keen to get early feedback from members, so do take a look and send us some feedback!

The RideGuide map includes things like bike routes, bike shops, bike parking, water and toilets. The information gathered so far is mainly around Hobart, but the team is working on extending to other Tassie localities.  You can use it online on your PC, but by saving the shortcut to your mobile phone you can get the equivalent of a mobile app.

By clicking on the ? button you can get help on how the map works. The ? button also lets you provide feedback on the map, the route planning software we are testing, and also to volunteer to help.

If you are interested in being involved in the mapping exercise (collecting the data or working on the website), we need you!!!  Please volunteer using the "?" button in the web app, or email Greg at [email protected]



Please use the Feedback form in the web app (it's the Question Mark icon) to tell us what you think...

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