Act now for Kangaroo Bay bike path

A planning application has been submitted to Clarence Council for a development at the old sheds at Kangaroo Bay, comprising a Hotel and a Hospitality Training School - "(Hotel Industry, Visitor Accommodation, Educational, General Retail and Food Services)".

If you use the Clarence Foreshore Trail you should make a submission by sending an email to the General Manager, Andrew Paul, at: [email protected]   Representations must be received by Council on or before 12 January 2017.

You can download detailed plans here.

The initial proposal presents concerns for the alignment and amenity of the Clarence Foreshore Trail.  The developer currently proposes that riders either take a more direct but less safe path via a public road and through a pedestrian precinct and carparking area, or take the waterfront route which involves mixing with large numbers of slow moving tourists, pedestrians, cafe visitors and children at play. 

Some points to include in your submission are:

  • The Clarence Foreshore Trail is a busy commuter pathway for fast moving cyclists on weekdays and is also popular with recreational and family riders and walkers throughout the day and on weekends.  Annual bike counts show that usage is increasing over time.  In the absence of safe, separated bikelanes on Clarence's streets, it is currently the only safe path for less confident riders (which is most riders) to use for transport and leisure cycling.  Usage of shared paths by mobility vehicles (gofers), and people with vision, hearing and other impairments will also increase, as our population ages.
  • Problems with the current plans:
  • The existing fairly direct Trail route will be built over by hotel and carpark.  The proposed new alignment is less direct and cyclists have been allocated a shared roadway used by cars accessing both short term parking and the hotel carpark, and a shared pedestrian zone.  It is dangerous to mix two tonne vehicles (with drivers dropping off hotel guests, and drivers coming and going from busy carparking spaces) with cyclists, joggers, skaters, mobility vehicles, scooters, dog walkers and family bike riders.   The carpark at the bottom of the Hobart Rivulet Track is a clear example of this problem, where path users are not protected within the carpark.
  • A public walkway around the point has been identified in the plans as a possible route for riders, but this will be a high activity zone and will not be an appropriate alignment for a major trail.
  • The bike route alignment goes around the edge of the car parking, which is indirect and involves a tight corner.
  • Tight angle corners are conflict points and need to be widened out.
  • What we need:
  • Please continue to maintain a well-defined and direct connection for the Clarence Foreshore Trail, linking Kangaroo Bay Park through to the Bellerive Boardwalk.
  • The Trail should continue to be traffic-free and uncongested.
  • Secure, undercover bike parking and end of trip facilities should be provided for staff.
  • Public bike parking rails and undercover student bike parking should be dispersed around the area.
  • Continue to provide a connection from the Clarence Foreshore Trail to Clarence St for commuting cyclists.


Here is the existing route of the Clarence Foreshore Trail superimposed on the development plan:




The development plan below shows the proposed bike path with a hatched line:


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