Bicycle Network Tasmania has maintained a presence in the media and a voice for Tasmanian riders of all persuasions since 1995.  Our advocacy activities include:

  • Working to improve conditions for all riders in Tasmania
  • Locally deploying the experience and effectiveness of Bicycle Network to Tasmanian issues
  • Representation on BUGs and Council bicycle advisory committees 
  • Chair of the Tasmanian Bicycle Council
  • Directly lobbying Councils, State and Federal politicians
  • Promoting activities and campaigns

Bicycle Network Tasmania supports programs and projects like:

Bicycle Network Tasmania has played an important part in:

  • Lobbying and making submissions for improved conditions such as separated bikepaths, onroad bikelanes, changes to road rules that make riding safer
  • Promoting safer behaviours by all road users
  • Eliminating the Bass Strait ferry cycle fee
  • Hosting non-competitive social and family rides.

You can follow our campaigns here, also read our fortnightly email update to members In The Loop, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Does that sound inspiring?  Please help!  We have a couple of local staff but most of us are enthusiastic volunteers.  To make change happen we need riders to get involved You can also add power to our campaigns by joining up as a member.