Open source bike maps out of date

It's come to our attention that the free online open source bike maps for Tassie are out of date.  For example, the Sandy Bay Road bikelanes in Hobart are not shown.  The current extent of the InterCity Cycleway is not correct.  (Send in your thoughts on what is missing in your area!).

This must be fixed, because accurate printed bikemaps are in short supply (that's a massive understatement by the way), and many riders new to an area will check these online maps for info on the best / most direct / safest routes to take.

We know of two online bike specific maps which are useful in Tasmania:  Open Cycle Map and GianaMap's Cycle Map Australia.   Both of these rely on the underlying data available in Open Street Map.  

Are there some bike riders / members / supporters who would like to (firstly) work out how to add bikelanes and bikepaths to Open Street Map and then add some data to bring it up to date for the benefit of their fellow riders??? 

We can provide some starting info on what needs to be added, and no doubt we will receive suggestions from other riders.

If you like mapping and can help, pls reply below or drop a line to [email protected]

Ditto if you're aware of bikelanes and pathways which are not currently shown in Open Street Map.



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