Battery Point Foreshore - Stage 1

Approximate Distance:  0.85 km
Local Government Area:  Hobart
Legislative Council Division:  Wellington
State/Federal Government Electorate:   Denison
Approximate Cost:  $5 M

Proposed Style of Facility

Off-road shared path, connecting to planned on-road bike lanes. 

What are the Major Trip Generators and Attractors?

University of Tasmania (Sandy Bay, and satellite campuses; IMAS, The Conservatorium, and the Centre for the Arts), Sandy Bay Commercial Precinct, Battery Point tourist precinct, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Casino, Salamanca and CBD. 

What other Facilities will it Connect to?

Sandy Bay Cycleway, Marieville Esplanade bikepath, Battery Point Foreshore Stage 2, and extension of Intercity Cycleway through  Morrison Street and Castray Esplanade. 

What Documents does this fit Under? 

Hobart City Council Bike Network Plan (1997)

Connecting Universities to Communities. 

Hobart Arterial Bicycle Network Plan.

Principal Urban Cycling Network. 

Update: 13 Oct 2014

Hobart City Council almost unanimously approved the Development Application for this project.  Ald Ruzicka opposed due to concerns about the walkway design's impact on the riverbed and rising sea levels.

Update: 24 Sept 2014

The revised Development Application will be considered by the Council's Development & Environmental Services Committee on Monday 6 October.  It will then be presented for decision to the full Council meeting on Monday 13 October (5pm).  We encourage all supporters to send an email to their favourite Aldermen, as many as possible, preferably before 6 October and certainly before 13 October, urging that Council approve the proposal.  Here is a list of Aldermen and their email contacts:

Damon Thomas [email protected]
Ron Christie [email protected]
Marti Zucco [email protected]
Jeff Briscoe [email protected]
Eva Ruzicka [email protected]
Peter Sexton [email protected]
Helen Burnet [email protected]
Philip Cocker [email protected]
Bill Harvey [email protected]
Sue Hickey [email protected]
Leo Foley [email protected]
John Freeman [email protected]

  ...or use our automatic draft email to all Aldermen.

Update: 2 Sept 2014

Council was advised to reframe the plans due to a technicality around the heritage issues.  The public submission period on the essentially unchanged second DA closed on 22 August.  Hobart City Council are set to vote on the project sometime late September or early October. Please take advantage of any opportunity you have to tell aldermen that you support the project. Alderman Briscoe has been vocal in his support, and you might like to add your name to a long list of supporters via a short email: [email protected].

For those of you who made representations via the first public comment period (starting 29th May 2014): That application was withdrawn because the application contained errors in its reference to the new heritage act. The consultant who lodged it on behalf of Council needed to withdraw and re-submit it because it would have failed on appeal. 

We acknowledge that some residents on that Battery Point foreshore are upset and don't want the facility in their watery front yard. However, this is a case of unwelcome changes for a few that will benefit the many locals and visitors who want better access between Sandy Bay and the Battery area near CSIRO. 

Update: 1 May 2014

Development Application for Stage 1 (Marieville Esplanade to Shipyards)

Hobart City Council published plans and consultants' reports for the public consultation phase of this project.  Heritage and environmental consultants' reports were overwhelmingly positive. Details here.  

Bicycle Tasmania urged members and supporters to send in their views within the 2 week timeframe:

Council received a record number of representations (333 in favour, 101 opposed), and unanimously passed the approval of the DA.



The Battery Point Foreshore project would create a direct shared path link for walkers and bicycle users between Sandy Bay, the Hobart waterfront and Central Business District. 

The facility, first proposed in 2004, would bypass Napoleon Street to establish a safe, well connected and convenient piece of active transport infrastructure for a wide-range of demographics. 

Consultation conducted by the Hobart City Council showed momentous public support for the project, with only 2 per cent of participants who took part in the telephone survey opposed to any development (to view, click here). 

The consultation concluded "It is fair to say that the residents of Battery Point, including those fortunate enough to enjoy residency on the foreshore, together with the residents of the City of Hobart accept that access to the foreshore at Battery Point is essential and desirable."

The project has been further identified by the State as one of critical significance and key to invigorating and enhancing the liveability of Hobart.

The promenade is central to supporting an active, healthy student population by connecting over 10,000 students at the Sandy Bay Campus with safe cycling and walking facilities to the Central Business District and satellite campuses.

Hobart Lord Mayor Damon Thomas and the Member for Denison Andrew Wilkie viewed the location of the project on Bicycle Tasmania’s bicycle tour on Friday 30 August.

Designs for Stage 1 have been drawn up, and on 25 November 2013 the Hobart City Council voted to proceed with the development application, with all speakers supporting the proposal. 

The Minister for Sustainable Transport, Nick McKim, has provided $75,000 to prepare the application for Stage 1. 


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