Draft Letter in Support of Battery Point Foreshore Development

Alderman Contact details:

Damon Thomas, [email protected]
Ron Christie, [email protected]
Marti Zucco, [email protected]
Jeff Briscoe, [email protected]
Eva Ruzicka, [email protected]
Peter Sexton, [email protected]
Helen Burnet, [email protected]
Philip Cocker, [email protected]
Bill Harvey, [email protected]
Sue Hickey, [email protected]
Leo Foley, [email protected]
John Freeman, [email protected]

Suggested wording

Subject: Development Application for the Battery Point Shared Public Accessway

Dear Alderman,

I urge you to support the current Development Application for the Battery Point Shared Public Accessway.

My representations about this proposal are:   

  • I fully support the proposed public shared pathway because it forms an essential part of a future full connection between the city and Sandy Bay.  
  • It will provide a safe path for cyclists and pedestrians commuting to work and attending school or university.  .
  • It will be easier for pedestrians than walking up and down the steep streets of Battery Point.  I will use it because I find Napoleon St very difficult.
  • It will be a great drawcard for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the foreshore and the river.  .
  • It will provide considerable recreational value for locals.
  • It looks well designed and will not impact significantly on the views and amenity of the houses overlooking it. 

All great harbour side cities open up their foreshores to public access, to provide access to river breezes and expansive views.  It is time that Hobart did the same, 





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