Battery Point pathway saga

In case you missed it, Hobart City Council this week said it would not appeal against the RMPAT's planning decision to refuse stage one of its foreshore access proposal.

But neither we nor the Hobart City Council are giving up.

Battery Point remains a critical link in a cycling corridor between Taroona and the CBD.   We still think that there is a chance for a significant redesign and, with more consultation with waterfront residents, we could come up with a very different proposal that could go in under the new interim planning scheme and that might have a different outcome.

And in the interim, a well-marked pathway through Battery Point would assist tourists and residents.  An alternative route could be marked through the suburb with a painted line and directional sign posts.


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  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2015-07-02 13:17:23 +1000
    Well spotted David:
    Having ready access to a safe bikepath is a great selling feature for houses!
  • David Griffin
    commented 2015-07-02 11:42:55 +1000
    Thanks Su. Sounds like a job for the kayak, then.
  • Su Chan
    commented 2015-07-01 19:42:12 +1000
    I don’t believe it is possible to clamber/scramble the Battery Point foreshore as at least one of the landowners has been very busy over years building up sheer walls around their legal boundary down to below the water line. So, I don’t think there there is a continuously accessible foreshore, unless you want to swim for part of it around those properties.
  • David Griffin
    commented 2015-07-01 09:59:19 +1000
    Mercury Letters page today (1 July) is devoted to this issue, in response to Greg Barns’ terrific article of 29 June.
  • David Griffin
    commented 2015-06-30 17:27:28 +1000
    Consulting with the residents will be ‘interesting’, given they are so strongly opposed.But I think there’s hope. residents fronting onto the Clarence Foreshore Track opposed the track, but now its there, have come around (I’m told) to liking it. Burglaries, apparently, are down, which has been attributed to more passive surveillance. But most importantly, they have a lovely track on their doorstep. Surely the Battery Point folk would warm to the idea of going for nice walks. At the moment, that shore is not easy to walk along. Which brings me to my next point: Maybe its time to wear a path along the shore, by just clambering along. Anyone tried that?
  • David Potts
    commented 2015-06-27 19:36:45 +1000
    There is a hooten big hill the average cyclist needs to skirt around to get from Sandy Bay to Salamnca
  • Bicycle Network Tasmania posted about Battery Point pathway saga on Bicycle Network Tasmania's Facebook page 2015-06-27 13:33:32 +1000
    Battery Point pathway saga - the battle continues. Let's redesign AND provide interim alternative thru BP. #biketas
  • @BicycleTasmania tweeted this page. 2015-06-27 13:33:27 +1000
    Battery Point pathway saga - the battle continues. Let's redesign AND provide interim alternative thru BP. #biketas