Battery Point Walk and Cycle Way (Stage 1) is back on the Table

Stage 1 of the Battery Point walk and cycle way runs from Marieville Esplanade to the Battery Point slipyards. The State Government has now given approval for the Council to lodge a development application for construction of the walkway. This is good news.  However, there is an indication that the Government requires evidence that the community supports the scheme. It is not clear what the exact wording is, and what the options for Council are.  

At its regular monthly meeting on November 25, the Council will consider whether to conduct a survey of public opinion before proceeding with this. This seems like yet another delay! A survey of 2500 residents in Battery Point was conducted several years ago and the result was 85% in favour of the walkway. The level of support is even greater when residents of other suburbs and nearby businesses are consulted.

Please contact Hobart City Council aldermen if you want the Battery Point walkway/cycleway development application vote to get up at next Monday's Council meeting. Aldermen need to know that it's just a handful of people who are opposed to having a great quality connection from Sandy Bay through into the wharf area. 

Damon Thomas [email protected]
Ron Christie [email protected]
Marti Zucco [email protected]
Peter Sexton [email protected]
Sue Hickey [email protected]
Eva Ruzicka [email protected]
Helen Burnet [email protected]
Leo Foley [email protected]
Philip Cocker [email protected]
Bill Harvey [email protected]
John Freeman [email protected]
Jeff Briscoe [email protected]

For more details of the proposal, see our Infrastructure campaign description.

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  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2013-11-26 10:32:05 +1100
    Council voted to proceed with the development application, with all speakers supporting the proposal. Our email campaign was certainly noticed! Aldermen mentioned 50 supportive emails coming in over the past few days, with two more coming as the item was being discussed.

    There was warm debate over whether to conduct another survey of the local community. In the end it was decided to do the survey, in order to ensure the State Government can have no doubt about the community’s current views. The survey may form part of the consultation process around the Development Application. We now need the survey to be well designed and conducted, to ensure a balanced view is obtained. And timely – the survey must not become a reason for further delay to the project.

    The State Govt (thanks heaps to Nick McKim) is providing the $75K that will be needed to prepare the application for Stage 1 (Marieville to slipyards; shown in photo). There was mention at the meeting for more to support Stage 2 (slipyards to CSIRO), so let’s see the project steam ahead now.