Be a local bike detective

You've probably heard about the app Snap Send Solve.  We mention it on our Riders' Log page!

We are aware of a number of examples of problems on the street or bikepath being reported to Council or State Growth via this app, and seeing some pretty quick results. 

A recent example:  walkers on the Clarence Foreshore Trail saw that a protective bollard between the bikepath and the street had been snapped off.  A quick opening up of Snap Send Solve (which had been previously installed), a quick photo of the bollard and a few words about what the problem was, hit Submit and then Send the automatically generated email to the relevant Council.

Two days later, the walkers got an email from the local Council (well done to Clarence Council!) that the bollard had been replaced.  Fantastic example of the community assisting the Council to keep local infrastructure in good condition.

Try it out!  Install Snap Send Solve now.




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