Be flashy, be safe

Canadian Terry Smith is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who founded the Flash Back division of BIKE-UP CANADA INC. in 1976, to provide runners, riders and walkers with the products they need to protect themselves whenever they venture near traffic after dark.

His website explains the issues and offers a range of materials and devices to help ourselves to light up at night.  

Do YOU know the difference between retroreflective materials and fluorescent materials? Neither did I before coming across this site.

A separate web site explains how retroreflective materials work to make us conspicuous after dark, and how fluorescent materials make us conspicuous in daylight.  


You can buy his materials, signs and flags online, and he delivers speedily.  Have a go - it's easy to jazz up your existing favourite jackets with a subtle retroreflective stripe that comes into its own after dark!

Does anyone know local suppliers for this sort of stuff?  Let us know. 

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