The art of bike parking

Hobart's financial planning advisory service Tas Ethical recently ordered two good quality racks from Launceston company StreetArt Bike Racks.  Staff of Tas Ethical, and some of their clients, regularly arrive at the office by bike, and the racks offer secure and convenient parking out the front of the building.  Previously riders had to park at the rear of the building and then walk around the building to get to the main entrance at the front.  Now the bike parking is conveniently closer to the entrance and also adds real pizzazz to the street frontage! 

Principal of Tas Ethical, Stuart Barry, says that the bike racks are a real attraction for passers-by, and that he often sees tourists taking photos or posing on the racks!

Bicycle Network Tasmania funded the installation of the racks, through our Bike Parking Champion project.  We're proud to have been part of getting these excellent racks on the ground for the first time in the City of Hobart. (Note - City of Clarence led the way with some eye-catching red racks at Currency Cafe in Lindisfarne).


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