Bicycle Network and Bicycle Tasmania merge for a stronger voice

You may have noticed we have a new-look website and our social media is looking different too.

That’s because we’re making some changes now we’ve merged with Bicycle Network. The merger went ahead on September 18 this year and it means things will slowly be changing over the next few months.

So, if you notice we’re calling ourselves Bicycle Network and not Bicycle Tasmania anymore – it’s all part of the plan.

It’s a great milestone for all bike riders - not only in Tasmania but across the country.

By working as one organisation, we have a bigger, better and stronger voice to represent the needs of riders. We’re in a better position to improve riding conditions and grow the support of bike riding around Tasmania.

Since the merger in September, our office in Hobart is now open and we have three permanent team members working hard to support all bike riders in Tasmania.

There’s also a new Bicycle Network Board member from Tasmania. Peter Thurling, who is part of the Bicycle Tasmania (now Bicycle Network Tasmania) committee, has been co-opted to the Bicycle Network Board. He will provide the local knowledge Bicycle Network needs to make decisions which will benefit the whole organisation.

If you’re a Tassie member, all of your existing membership benefits go unchanged. This includes your comprehensive riding insurance, the access you have to riders’ rights and legal support, your subscription to Ride On magazine and all the other benefits you receive as a member. If you (or someone you know) would like to become one, you can find the information you need here on our website.

 If you’d like any more information drop us a line – or better yet if you’re ever near Collins Street in Hobart, stop in and say G’day.

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