Bicycle Tasmania's Federal Election Campaign

To promote the importance of improving bike infrastructure to ambitious Federal electoral candidates, Bicycle Tasmania is currently rolling out its 2013 electoral campaign.

This includes a survey of all House of Representatives Candidates, quizzing them about their level of support for bike riding, both in general and in their electorate. We are highlighting a number of infrastructure projects which are "shovel ready". What this generally means for these projects is that all the planning and consultation has been done, the project is now just waiting for the addition of funds for the final design stages and building to be undertaken.

And we are focussing on bikepaths which form part of the agreed arterial bike plans. Some of them will provide missing links in the existing well-used network, others will extend the network into more areas where riders live. Here are our key areas of focus for the candidates to consider:

1. Recognising the extensive benefits of safer roads and better mobility from increased investments in bike infrastructure.

2. Placing an emphasis on safe connections to schools and universities, including, and not limited to, the implementation of:

• University of Tasmania Sandy Bay Campus to Hobart CBD bike trail.
• Upgrading the University of Tasmania Newnham Campus to Launceston CBD bike trail.

3. Facilitating all ‘shovel ready’ projects including:

• InterCity Cycleway Extension to Granton
• Humphreys Rivulet Track
• Tasman Highway Path - Kangaroo Bay
• Battery Point Promenade - Marieville Esplanade to Muirs boatyard

4. Implementing a strategic plan for bicycle tourism in Tasmania, incorporating the facilitation of:

• North West Coastal Trail
• North East Rail Trail (Launceston to Herrick)

5. Supporting a recurrent funding program for bike infrastructure.

6. Incorporating provisions for bike users in other key state infrastructure projects.

Candidates' responses can be viewed here.

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