Bicycle Tasmania Will Help Create More Connections

Bicycle Tasmania's Creating Healthy Connections campaign is the key to unlocking the potential of bicycle riding in Tasmania. The projects within this plan serve as a starting point for governments and community. Existing, local and regional bicycle network plans have been assessed, and an examination of other missing links and possible projects has been undertaken. These projects are presented as discrete routes which by themselves provide local connections, but taken as a whole create a cohesive connected network of bicycle facilities for hundreds of thousands of Tasmanians.

The proposed projects will benefit the bicycle riders of today and tomorrow, of all experiences and ability, while catering for transport, recreation and tourism potential. Opportunities identified in this plan will:

  • Create employmentCreateConns.png
  • Improve public health
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Increase community liveability
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce oil vulnerability
  • Improve Tasmania's balance of trade
  • Support tourism

This document provides a starting point and will open opportunities in the key growth areas of bicycle riding in Tasmania. This campaign plan has not focussed on mountain bike riding due to the good progress in this area already made by the State Government, which Bicycle Tasmania supports.

Building facilities is by no means a substitute for promotion, education and the cultural development of bicycle riding. It does not encompass all the end of trip bike parking facilities that will be required, or efficient integration with public transport. What it aims to achieve first and foremost is a cohesive bicycle network, which will then provide pointers to further action in all other important bike infrastructure areas. The development of these connections will require planning and consultation with communities, stakeholders, land managers and infrastructure owners.

Planning quality infrastructure that will have a lasting effect takes time, and must begin now. This plan documents a vision for a comprehensive and connected bicycle network that supports all rider types in Tasmania and has been generated by individuals and community groups with interest in growing bicycle riding participation in Tasmania.

We cannot know which facilities are the most important if we do not have a list. While some projects are as easy as some paint on the road, others require detailed engineering, earth moving, bridges and significant construction.
Here is a plan.

It is time to move forward.

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