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Have you thought about getting a helmet-cam or handlebar-cam, but can’t afford a Go-Pro?   Then how about an $80 matchbox-sized camera that captures 80-90 minutes of very similar quality 1080p-30  full HD video?


Here is a side by side comparison of video from the Mobius Action camera with Go-Pro.  Be sure to switch your youtube setting to view in 1080p.

And here is a full review of the Mobius  Camera, also in 1080p

Because of its small size and low weight (39 grams) the Mobius camera is popular with those flying model aeroplanes and quadcopter drones. This group seems to have taken on the role of writing detailed instruction manuals and providing support for the camera, in cooperation with the manufacturer.

A generic  $20 USB lithium polymer power pack not much bigger than the camera  extends the recording time to over 4 hours, with a 32Gig micro SD card in the camera.

About the only negative is that the camera is not waterproof.  A waterproof housing will apparently be available in late January 2014.

The camera can be purchased on line from several overseas suppliers which are listed in the above web site.  I bought a full kit with a few spares, cables, a 32 Gig micro SD card and every possible mounting device for about $150 delivered.  I’ll probably order a couple more bike mounts so I can swap the camera between bikes.  The bike mounts are very stable and secure.

Overall I am very happy with the camera, and the quality of the videos when fitted to various bikes.  Its great to be able to review highlights of a long ride immediately afterwards.  And to have a crash cam, or near miss cam going all the time.  I have also found other non biking uses for the camera.  Highly recommended.

Martin Bicevskis

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