Bike Counting

Super Tuesday

Volunteers from Bicycle Network Tasmania participate in bike counting surveys on a planned and ad hoc basis to build a picture of cycling frequency across Tasmania.  If you want to help, check out our Get Involved page.

The main counts happen in March and in southern Tasmania are coordinated by Cycling South. Some summary statistics can be found here. The Cycling South page will link you through to the Google Maps results. 


Another page with interesting data is the Strava heat map. Strava has about 4000 users in Tasmania and although highly biased towards recreational riders who are logging rides via smartphones, it still provides some useful ideas about high use routes. 

You can check the map here and zoom in for more detail. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox because Internet Explorer won't run it. The Strava maps look like this, with strong blue lines indicating high use. Here is the Strava heat map for central Launceston, showing the high use on West Tamar Highway heading northwest out of the CBD. 



Another tool collecting rider data is Bicycle Network's app called RiderLog.  This FREE app is very user friendly.  It is  designed more for urban or everyday riding for transport use, and includes useful features such as personal activity challenges and an Incident Report function.  Data on rider behaviour collected through this app is used by Bicycle Network in advocating for improved bicycle infrastructure.