Bike parking at Hobart Bus Mall

The revitalisation of the Hobart Bus Mall in its current location in Elizabeth Street is an important component of both the Inner City Action Plan and the Hobart Central Bus Interchange Planning Project, a joint project between the City of Hobart, the Department of State Growth, Metro Tasmania and TasBus.  Here is the link to a summary of the proposal and a simple survey form that you can fill out on the Council's webpage.

"The aim of the Bus Mall Improvement Project is for the Bus Mall to be a safe, comfortable and high quality space that supports active transport modes meeting the needs of pedestrians, local businesses, commuters and public transport operations".    Hello!  They've left out cyclists.

Commuters should be able to get the bus into town, then hop on their securely stored bike and get quickly and easily to their place of work or study.   City residents and tourists should be able to ride to the bus mall, lock up their bike and jump on the bus to go to work or to visit outlying suburbs.   For example, Parkiteer is an excellent program spreading across Melbourne.

In the first round of public consultations on this project (in late 2013), Cycling South provided this input:

  • Bicycle Parking should be considered a short term (i.e. immediate) priority.  
  • Bicycle parking rails could be trialled as a short term measure.
  • Bike parking facilities (such as cages) could be installed closer to Collins Street and Argyle Street bike routes.
  • Elizabeth Street is an important cycling connection between the CBD and waterfront. Cycling amenity should be included in any plans.
  • The lack of a "contra flow" bike lane in Collins Street between Elizabeth Street and Murray Street is a barrier to moving from the bus mall towards the CBD by bicycle.

What happened?

Council made bike parking in the new bus mall a Medium Term priority, and perhaps as a result there is no apparent provision for bike parking in the current draft plans (see the link above).

Here is more background on the project.

Jump on the net, and fill in the simple survey to tell the Council what you think!  Note: you can only fit in a couple of sentences.





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