Bike Parking at Kmart

Sadly however, the bike rack is around the side of the complex and a long way from the shop entrances.


This is probably why the bike rack is usually empty. If you've ridden your bike to the shops, you don't really need the exercise of walking round from the back of the carpark. You'd like to be near the shop entrances, just like motorists like to park near the shop entrances.


So usually, people lock their bikes up to the railings on the verandah, convenient to the shops.


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  • Kathleen Mohr
    commented 2013-10-28 21:20:14 +1100
    I’ve been to Moonah Woolies and didn’t even realise they had bike parking. Shall have to get a photo! Or if you already have one, if you could send it in we’ll put it up on the blog – news(at)
  • Alan Whykes
    commented 2013-10-28 16:45:49 +1100
    Come to think of it the Woolworths at Moonah has similar problems:
    - bike rack is out of sight (security issue, plus many riders probably don’t even find it to begin with)
    - in the rain
    - away from security camera coverage
    - often blocked by trolleys left on the path (by car drivers too lazy to take them over to the trolley return).
  • Kathleen Mohr
    commented 2013-10-11 11:27:38 +1100
    It’s so nice to get a reply from someone whose bike I’ve photographed!
    And yes you’re right, if you wanted to steal a bike from the racks you probably wouldn’t get disturbed.
    Thanks about the panniers :-)
  • Alan Whykes
    commented 2013-10-10 10:34:57 +1100
    That’s my bike on the railings! I try to use a wide part of the veranda so that there is still plenty of room for people in wheelchairs and scooters to get by.
    For me the problem is that the bike rack is soooo out of sight, which makes it a more likely place for a bike to get stolen from. In front of the shops is VISIBLE. Someone with bolt cutters looking to steal a locked bike will be deterred by the almost constant coming and going of people in this area.
    Additionally the bike rack is
    - away from security cameras
    - not under cover
    - exposed to hot afternoon sun in summer.
    p.s. love your panniers.