Bikes are evolving!

Thanks to's Auto team.  This article of 21 August 2014 lists what their editors think are The Ten Most Beautiful Bicycles.  

"According to the Earth Policy Institute, a US-based environmental advocacy group, bicycle production quadrupled between 1950 and 2007. During the same period, car production merely doubled. It's a trend that continues to this day, accelerated by rising fuel prices and urban congestion. And during the last 10 years, the bicycle has enjoyed something of a renaissance, thanks to ever-greater availability of lightweight materials, advanced safety and comfort features, and electric-motor-assist systems. Bicycles are becoming more beautiful, too. Small manufacturers, custom shops and independent designers are reinventing the humble two-wheeler with cutting-edge shapes and technologies. Herewith, we pick 10 of our favourites". 

Of course, they are auto writers.

Pick your favourite, I'm going with the Pashley Parabike (admittedly more retro than space age):


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