Bikes for Africa Project

The Community Bikes Program (CBP) is a youth mentoring program where workers and volunteers restore old bicycles alongside young people between 10-16 years old.

The program is aimed at  helping young people in the community develop life skills, see positive changes in attitude and an increase in self-reliance. 

Program Coordinator Mr Anthony Edler said that after 4 years and 450 bikes been given away locally, we thought it was time the Community Bikes Program (CBP) contributed to the global community.

“After extensive research, we decided to partner with the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) in Namibia. So from the beginning of 2012, participants in the CBP have been hard at work restoring donated bikes to send to Africa,” he said. “The bikes will be sent in a large shipping container and once reaching its destination, the shipping container will be converted into a bike shop run by the BEN, Namibia.”

“The best thing about it is that these bikes are giving twice. In Hobart in the last two years, it has empowered 60 young students to learn new skills and contribute in a really positive way. In Africa they’ll impact so many lives: creating jobs, enabling orphaned children easier transport to school, and supporting nurses to care for people suffering with HIV/AIDS,” Mr Edler said.

A grand total of 400 bikes plus a significant number of spare parts will be officially sent to Africa on Wednesday Dec 11th 2013.

The cost to buy the container, restore and ship the bikes was broken down and calculated at $30 per bike. So the CBP asked the broader community, community groups, politicians and local businesses to “Sponsor a bike for $30”. Through this $7 000 was raised and along with other donations a total of $10,000 raised for the project.

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