Bicycle Tasmania call to action in upcoming Council elections


Bicycle Tasmania has started its campaign planning for the Council elections which will be held in October this year.

Councils are important for cycling infrastructure because they control most of the allocation of space and facilities for all modes of transport.

Bicycle Tasmania will be:

  • Reviewing Council performance on active transport strategies and plans.

  • Contacting candidates to assess their approach to active transport.

  • Contacting schools, businesses and the community to understand how active transport infrastructure can help.

Do you have something to say about cycling facilities in your area?

- Contact Di:  [email protected]

Are you a candidate and want to explain your transport policy?

- Contact Emma: [email protected]

Do you want to help Bicycle Tasmania to review and assess Council policies and the candidates? 

- Contact Austin: [email protected]


Please add your comment at the bottom of this page! 

What do we want?

Bicycle Tasmania wants riding for transport to be a practical option for Tasmanians of all ages in and around our CBDs.

Bike riding is an efficient and affordable form of personal transport and can save individuals and the broader community millions of dollars a year compared with motorised transport.  

To achieve this, all active transport modes need safer infrastructure via well-connected networks and pathways.

Why do people ride bikes?

All kinds of people ride bikes. Apart from efficiency there are many other reasons. Read what Tasmanian riders have to say here:

What is Active Transport?

Active transport relates to physical activity undertaken as a means of transport. It includes travel by foot, bicycle and other non-motorised vehicles. Use of public transport is also included in the definition as it often involves some walking or cycling to pick-up and from drop-off points”.


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