Catalyst Unpicks Some Driver Attitudes

Bike ragers are targetted in this week's Catalyst episode.  If you missed it, check out the video!


 Did you know about "out-group homogeneity bias"?

"It's about making generalisations about a group of people with whom we don't empathise. ....So....there's an assumption out there that some bike riders all behave in a certain way, and that is generalised whenever we see a bike rider on the road. In a different way, we look at motorists as being part of us, one of us, the in-group. And so when we see a motorist breaking through a red light, or travelling at a high speed, we see that as a trait that's attributable to the individual, rather than to the whole group"....

Remember this when talking to people who spout about riders not obeying the rules! 

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