Chris Dobson

  • What are the benefits of bike riding in moving people around in Tasmania? 

Benefits would include:

  • Healthy mode of transport
  • Takes vehicles off the road, less congestion, less pollution
  • Can be quite social 
  • What are your policies to encourage bike riding in Tasmania?

The Palmer United Party has no specific policies relating to bicycling. 

  • Will you pledge to increase bike infrastructure in your local community, if elected? 

I am unaware of what infrastructure is currently in place, what has been requested by groups such as yours and what plans the Councils may have. I would be happy to meet with representatives from T-BUG etc to hear what they would like me to help them with. 

  • If elected, what key bike infrastructure projects do you intend to implement.

Again, I do not know what is in the mill, if anything, but am happy to discuss future requests for cycle ways, cycle lanes etc.  

  • How is the population motivated to use bicycles instead of cars? How will you promote cycling as an attractive form of transportation? 

At the rate that petrol prices are climbing along with cost of maintaining and registering a vehicle, cycling may soon look a lot more attractive, at least in the warmer months. How will I promote it, maybe the best way is to lead by example, although seeing me on a bike may not be classed as an “attractive form of transportation”. 

  • The most recent survey by the Australian Sports Commission indicated that men were two and a half times more likely to commute by bicycle than women. Why do you believe this is, and what is your strategy to encourage women to cycle? 

I believe it is the way we are introduced to cycling. I was right into bikes as a boy and would ride everywhere. It was a boy thing to do, get out on the bike and have adventures, it was as close to freedom as a kid could get. Sadly girls weren’t as encouraged as the boys to ride. I think that is changing with each new generation, which is a good thing. So I would like to keep that trend going, involve the girls when they are young so cycling has a positive connotation for them as they become older. School programs and the like are a great way to encourage cycling in the younger generation. As for encouraging women into cycling now, then organisations such as Bike Tasmania are a great resource to help achieve this.  

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