Come for a ride!

Bicycle Network Tasmania's Social Rides are a great way to enjoy riding.  With a schedule of rides on offer, you can pick the ride that suits your skill levels and interest, and know that you'll be in the company of supportive people.  Social rides are a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, learn about new shortcuts and bikepaths, get fitter, discover interesting gear and tricks from other riders, and generally have fun on a bike.  And they're FREE!

We're building a program with a mixture of regular and ad hoc rides that will appeal to many riders. 

How can I hear about rides coming up?

There are many ways to do it:

  1. Register here for a regular email alert about upcoming Social Rides (note this email alert does not include other Bicycle Network Tasmania events).
  2. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  3. Keep an eye on our Social Rides Calendar webpage.
  4. Note - to follow all Bicycle Network Tasmania events and rides, you should keep an eye on our Events webpage.
  5. Monitor our Events Calendar or copy it into your own Google Calendar.

What sort of rides are happening?

So far we have these rides happening fairly regularly:

  • InterCity Cycleway Roll
  • E-bike Coffee Club
  • NorthWest Monthly
  • Clarence Foreshore Trail
  • To market, to market
  • Women's
  • Pipeline Track
  • Ride to the Bash
  • Women on Wheels (annual, held in Bike Week)

More regular rides and themes are being added over time, based on the interests of riders and the availability and interests of our Ride Leaders.

Get more details about how the Social Rides program works here, including Expectations of Riders, and Insurance.



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