Election Campaign Pages

Notes: I have used "post" and "page" interchangeably. The election page is technically a "blog post", but that doesn't matter. 


Logging in

  1. Go to https://bicycletasmania.nationbuilder.com/admin
  2. Enter your username (email address) and password.
  3. Click Sign in with email.

Editing pages

When logged in, you can navigate to edit a page from the "frontend" (the public-facing website) or the "backend" (from the NationBuilder dashboard). Navigating from the frontend is generally quicker.

Alternatively, if you know the page's "slug", you can type that into your web browser's address bar directly, e.g. http://bicycletasmania.nationbuilder.com/slug

Example: editing the Federal Election 2013 page

From the website frontend:

  1. Go to Advocacy > Campaigns.
  2. Click "Federal Election 2013".
  3. Scroll down and click Edit this blog post.

From the website backend:

  1. Go to Website > Bicycle Tasmania.
  2. In the list of top-level pages, click "Advocacy".
  3. Click Subpages.
  4. In the list of subpages, click "Campaigns".
  5. Click Posts & subpages.
  6. In the list of posts, click "Federal Election 2013".

Adding an electorate

  1. Click Subpages
  2. Click New subpage
  3. Enter the page details:
    a. Enter a name  (the "slug" will be automatically filled - this is used as the page's URL)
    b. Set the status to "Published"
    c. Set the type of page to "Basic"
    d. Tick "Include in top nav"  (this allows us to reorder the electorate pages on the campaign page - see "reordering electorates", below) 
  4. Click Create Page

You will be taken to the edit mode for this new page. You don't need to enter any page content, but you will use this page to add the candidate's "score card" details, as well as adding a subpage for each candidate. 

I'd recommend leaving this edit page open in a tab, as you'll be coming back to it multiple times. 

Reordering electorates

The order of electorates is mapped to use the order of the pages in the "sub nav" of the Federal Election 2013 page (see 4d, above).  

  1. While logged in, edit the Federal Election 2013 campaign post. 
  2. Click Subpages.
  3. Click Sub nav pages.
  4. Click and drag the electorate pages up and down to reorder them.

Your changes will be automatically saved.

Adding a candidate

If the candidate has submitted a response, create their candidate page first.

Creating a candidate page

  1. Navigate to edit the electorate page.
  2. Click Subpages.
  3. Click New subpage. (For efficiency, I'd recommend right-clicking and opening this page in a new tab or window, so as to leave the electorate page open.)
  4. Enter the page details:
    a. Enter a name (the "slug" will be automatically filled - this is used as the page's URL)
    b. Set the status to "Published"
    c. Set the type of page to "Basic"
    d. Untick "Include in top nav"  (we aren't using it for this type of page, and this allows a nice breadcrumb to be displayed)
  5. Click Create page.
  6. You will be taken to the edit mode of the new page. Enter their survey response content and click Save Content.

Adding a candidate "score card"

Add candidates to each electorate through the "Featured content" on the electorate page. (The featured content is normally used for slideshows, but we're appropriating it for the candidate information.) While editing the electorate page (see above)...

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Featured content sliders.
  3. Enter the candidate details:

    a. For "Label", enter the candidate's full name.

    b. For "Headline / Action text", enter the candidate's party and score in the following format exactly: party|60
       - The following party names have specified colour schemes : alp, lib, greens, pua. 
       - If the candidate hasn't submitted a response, enter something like: party|none  (the score will be ignored if the "no_candidate_response" page is linked to - see below)

    c. For "Page to feature", select the candidates page, or, if the candidate hasn't responded yet, type "no_candidate_response". The candidate will be grayed out and their score will be displayed as "n/a". 

  4. Upload a candidate image or use a placeholder image.
    - Images should be square and minimum of 150px wide.
  5. Set the status to "Published"
  6. Click Save featured content slider.


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