Complete Hobart's Missing Link

The problem

Instead of a smooth journey from the revitalised Hobart Rivulet Track into the centre of the city, path users are dumped into a car park before they face crossing Molle Street onto Collins Street with its one single bike box.

Not only is it disconnected, it poses a risky peak-hour challenge for people who walk or ride bikes.

It's clear that more and more people are riding and walking along the Rivulet Track as they avoid the congestion on Macquarie Street and Davey Street. According to our Super Tuesday data, those numbers increased by more than 32% in a single year. That means that more than 400+ people are crossing Molles St onto Collins Street each day. 

While the Hobart City Council has bike lanes on Collins Street on its agenda, it's not until 2018-19.  However, the popularity of the Hobart Rivulet Track means we can’t wait. The council must urgently act.

We need space to ride on Collins Street

Collins Street offers the city of Hobart the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art route for people who ride bikes, fully separated from traffic and pedestrians.

Currently, traffic volumes on the street are light and metered parking sits empty and underutilized throughout the day. 

A separated bike lane along the length of Collins Street, with a pedestrian and bike-friendly crossing at Molle Street, would create an important and safe connection to the waterfront and the InterCity Cycleway. 

Collins Street is already used by the city's bike riders and these numbers are growing thanks to the popular Hobart Rivulet Track. 

Hobart is confronting growing problems with traffic congestion and health, and encouraging more people to ride is one of the easiest and lasting ways to address these issues.

One more bike heading down Collins Street every morning is one less car on the road looking for a parking spot.

Take Action

Please click on this link to find out how you can help, by

  • Sending emails to Hobart's Aldermen
  • Becoming a member
  • Sharing the message with your friends! 

What other ways can you come up with to progress this campaign?

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