Copenhagen's Design Manual for Bicycle Infrastructure and Parking has shared a translated summary of the design principles mandated in Copenhagen for bike lanes, paths and bike parking infrastructure.  What a treat!

The city has a Design Manual that covers all aspects of the urban landscape, titled, when translated, "Design Manual for Urban Spaces and Parks". It's in Danish, of course.   On the subject of infrastructure, the Manual is very simple. notes that  there are only four types of bicycle infrastructure in Denmark (and only four) so there isn't really a need for overcomplicating what can be a simple concept!


It may be interesting to have a look at the material in the Manual regarding bicycle infrastructure and bike racks. With the continued rise in bicycles as transport in cities, there is still an enormous amount of overcomplication. Despite the fact that bicycles were normal in cities around the world for decades, many cities seem to have a short memory and are trying to reinvent the wheel".

This blog summary gives example photos and brief technical descriptions of THE RULES for creating bike lanes, paths and parking.  e.g.:

Cycle tracks, lanes and routes

Cycle tracks along roadways must be fortified areas with asphalt. They must have a fall of 1/50 towards the sidewalk. A curb is placed on the roadway side as well as the sidewalk side.

Cycle paths in parks and nature areas must be (if they are shared with pedestrian paths) constructed as a separate path and be fortified with black/grey OB surfacing.

Cycle lanes are marked with 30 cm wide, white striping in thermoplast. The bicycle symbol is placed at the beginning of the stretch and every 30 metres afterwards. In intersections where cyclists are especially vulnerable, the whole lane can be marked with blue thermoplast.

Bicycle routes comprise a connected network that continuously runs in its separate lane of at least 2.5 metres in width or along the car lane. The routes are fortified areas in asphalt.


Etc etc - check out the full blog post!

Wouldn't it be nice if our Councils were as well informed, and as committed to standardised treatments for providing safe space for cycling.



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