Council Candidate Assessments

  Full responses

Bicycle Tasmania invited candidates* to respond to these 3 questions:

    1. How have you supported cycling in the past?
    2. Do you support the infrastructure projects proposed by BT in your Council area?
    3. Do you support increased car parking in your local CBD?

Here is our assessment of their level of support for improved bike infrastructure.  This assessment represents a summary over their answers to the three questions plus a recognition of demonstrated past advocacy for bike infrastructure.


  Also standing for... Our Assessment
Bill Harvey Deputy Lord Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Rebecca Cong    doubt.png
Philip Cocker Lord Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Simon Burnett    Smile.png
Suzy Cooper Lord Mayor  Smile.png
Eva Ruzicka Deputy Lord Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Helen Burnet Lord Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Rachel Andrew    Smile.png
Corey Peterson    Smile.pngSmile.png
Anna Reynolds    Smile.pngSmile.png
Tanya Denison    doubt.png
Philip Stansfield    doubt.png
Sue Hickey    Smile.png
Noel Carroll    Smile.png
Jeff Briscoe Deputy Lord Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Tim Penny    Smile.png
Matt Hastings    Smile.png
Jenny Branch-Allen Mayor  doubt.png
Alan Whykes    Smile.pngSmile.png
Jan Dunsby    frown.png
Haydyn Nielsen    Smile.png
Peter Ridler    Smile.png
Stuart Slade    Smile.png
Heather Chong Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Doug Chipman Mayor  doubt.png
Deb Thurley    doubt.png
Kay McFarlane Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Richard James Mayor  doubt.png
Liam Sheridan Mayor  doubt.png
James Walker Deputy Mayor  doubt.png
Leanne Doherty    doubt.png
Jen Van-Achteren    Smile.png
Daniel Hulme    Smile.png
Sharyn von Bertouch Mayor  Smile.pngSmile.png
Nell Rundle    Smile.png
Dean Winter    Smile.png
Roger McGinniss Deputy Nayor  doubt.png
Dale Reardon    doubt.png
Steve Wass Mayor  doubt.png
Richard Atkinson  Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Flora Fox  Mayor  Smile.png
Mike Percey  Deputy Mayor  doubt.png
Frank Pearce Mayor  doubt.png
Judy Bromfield    doubt.png
Damian Bester    doubt.png
Tim Morris    Smile.pngSmile.png
Albert van Zetten Mayor  Smile.png
Andrea Dawkins    Smile.png
Emma Williams    Smile.png
Alan Harris Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Tom Ellison Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Janie Finlay    Smile.png
Darren Alexander    Smile.png
Karina Stojansek    Smile.pngSmile.png
Mandie Austin    Smile.png
Jan Bonde Mayor  Smile.png
Jo Bain    doubt.png
Tammy Milne    doubt.png
William Wilson Deputy Mayor  Smile.png
Ali Jarman    doubt.png
Betty Kay Mayor  doubt.png
Matthew Ryan-Sykes    doubt.png


* Note: we could not obtain email addresses for a large number of candidates.


Let us know if you would have assessed these candidates differently, and why!  


If you're a candidate, and want to send us your responses, please do. You can send them to:  [email protected].

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  • Austin Greenwood
    commented 2014-10-21 17:53:11 +1100
    Good point, Alasdair, we’ll fix that now!
  • Alasdair Doyle
    commented 2014-10-19 12:53:42 +1100
    Why did Jeff Briscoe only get one ‘smiley face’? He has been the loudest proponent of the Battery Point Walkway and without him, the proposal wouldn’t be where it is now.
  • Dale Reardon
    commented 2014-10-13 22:49:43 +1100
    Dale Reardon here. I can assure your readers and members that I will support the proposal you have in Kingborough, namely the Bonnet Hill / Channel Highway proposal. Please contact me to discuss any other issues you might have. Dale.
  • Jeff Briscoe
    commented 2014-10-13 18:49:40 +1100
    My response sent September was not included in the summary regards Jeff Briscoe
  • @BicycleTasmania tweeted this page. 2014-10-13 17:24:33 +1100
    BT has assessed the Tassie Council candidates for bike friendliness #biketas #politas
  • Bicycle Network Tasmania posted about Council Candidate Assessments on Bicycle Network Tasmania's Facebook page 2014-10-13 17:24:33 +1100
    BT has assessed the Tassie Council candidates for bike friendliness #biketas #politas