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Welcome to the Cradle Coast discussion board!  This is a forum for riders on Tasmania's Cradle Coast to share thoughts and information about pathways and routes, about good rides and bad, about ideas for the future of the bike networks in the North West, your favourite stop for lunch, whatever.  Feel free to make a post - under "Start a new Discussion".  Or make a comment on a post that someone else has started - just click on the Comment hotlink.

To open up the post fully, just click on either the Title of the post, or the Comment hotlink.  And then if you want to stay in touch with that particular discussion, you can click on the "Follow this Page" link.

The page will be moderated by Daryl Connelly, a keen Bicycle Tasmania member on the Coast.  You can find out a bit more about him in the first post on the board.  We hope that our members and supporters enjoy this sort of "BUG Blog".  

Just one thing - if you are Organising a local ride, the best place to manage it is on our Events page.  There is a box at the bottom there called "Host Your Own Event".  Try that out.  If it's all too much for you, send the details to [email protected] and we will create an Event on the website for you. Of course you can also announce it in the blog here, as an additional way to let people know about it.

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