Debra Thurley

  • What are the benefits of bike riding in moving people around in Tasmania? 

The benefits are those experienced anywhere and they are:-

  • assisting in reducing the number of vehicles on the road – thus reducing emissions

  • assisting in maintaining healthy lifestyles and activities

  • experiencing a greater connection to nature and the environment around you

  • What are your policies to encourage bike riding in Tasmania?

  • to advocate for healthy choices in lifestyle activities

  • to support projects that fit with encouraging the above

  • to advocate for bicycle infrastructure in new projects

  • to support projects introducing bike usage on existing infrastructure

  • Will you pledge to increase bike infrastructure in your local community if elected?


  • Which of the following shovel ready projects do you aim to facilitate if elected?

  • Battery Point promenade – expensive but if community pressure would pursue

  • Derwent Park path -

  • Humphreys Rivulet Track

  • Intercity Cycleway Extension and Main Rd lanes to Granton

  • Tasman Highway Path

Of the four without comment I personally prefer the path connecting the current city bike path with the Glenorchy region.  But in due course and in reality we are not talking about significant

amounts of money.

  • How is the population motivated to use bicycles instead of cars?

There is really not that much incentive and it is purely personal motivation that some people use their bikes.  There is maybe one calendar day promoted as a ride to work day.  It is all about healthy living and getting people active.  Cycling for me would be part of an overall education programme to get the community healthier and active.  The creation of new bikeways would obviously lead to greater usage and be the greatest encourage to get more people on bikes. 

To encourage more women to cycle would involve promoting the advantages of exercise and the need to provide safer more direct infrastructure.  Bearing in mind that women the beautiful caring creatures that we are often have other considerations and responsibilities to attend to which make the use of a car more convenient for example there might be children to transport and shopping to be done. 

In an ideal world the provision of infrastructure that allows choices of transportation would be wonderful but unfortunately with Government inefficiency and waste we are deprived of progressive infrastructure initiatives – infrastructure that in the light of day involves relative minor expenditure.  It would take a shift in attitude to recognise that:-

  • Australia as a whole does fairly poorly with bicycle infrastructure compared to other parts of the world

  • the bicycle is a simple and inexpensive solution to traffic problems

  • urbanisation creates demand for the need to reduce the stress on transport systems

  • the obesity problem is caused not only by over-eating but a sedentary lifestyle

  • a significant way of combatting pollution is reducing cars on the road thus conserving energy and improving environmental outcomes

  • The benefits of exercise are underestimated and its contribution to better mental health and well being, reduction of stress are invaluable

Being healthier and happier will be the goals of the 21st Century (hopefully) and if policy change can lead to space on the road for bikes then we will all be the better for it.

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