Decongestion - 7 Steps

Bicycle Network Tasmania co-sponsored last week's City Talk 2015 (many thanks to Jerry de Gryse and AILA for organising this event), and as a result Hobart got to see and hear the excellent Rachel Smith.  Brisbane-based Rachel has just published the book: "Decongestion:  7 Steps for Mayors and other City Leaders to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads or annoyed residents".  Isn't that we need in all of our cities?

As Rachel says: 

Imagine if you could cut traffic congestion.

Imagine a decongested city without the expense of new roads or annoyed residents.

Yes, this would improve life for absolutely everyone.


As reported by The Mercury:

Author and traffic congestion specialist Rachel Smith travelled the world recently interviewing mayors on the topic.

She said the solution lay in making simple changes with an overall vision for a city to work towards.

“We need someone to ignite the fuse of change – bold leaders who take charge and show the way to make things happen,” she said.

“We all fear failure so we often don’t do anything because it’s better not to do anything than to fail. If we’re not prepared to fail then we’re not going to create change.”

We recommend Rachel's book as a good read and a great gift for friends and anyone interested in solving the difficult transport problems in our cities and towns.  Available online (you can pay with Paypal) or at Fullers' Bookshop in Hobart.

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