Devonport Road Spreyton Link

Approximate Distance:  3.5 km
Local Government Area:  Devonport and Latrobe
Legislative Council Division:  Mersey
State/Federal Government Electorate:   Braddon
Approximate Cost:  $2M

Proposed Style of Facility

3 metre wide off-road shared path

What are the Major Trip Generators and Attractors?

Recreation and commuting between Devonport and Spreyton

What other Facilities will it Connect to?

Great Foreshore Ride, central Devonport, Spreyton Primary School, Spreyton businesses and residences, Maidstone Park

What Documents does this fit Under? 

Devonport Cycling Network Strategy

Horsehead Creek Riverside Park Master Plan


An off-road link between central Devonport and Spreyton is partially completed and is already popular. A vital component of the pathway is the Horsehead Creek Footbridge, which needs to be developed to provide safe passage of travel for riders who currently negotiate the narrow road bridge. The Horsehead Creek area adjoins Serendipity Park, just to the north.  


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