Dick Adams

  • What are the benefits of bike riding in moving people around in Tasmania? 

  • What are your policies to encourage bike riding in Tasmania? 

  • Will you pledge to increase bike infrastructure in your local community, if elected? 

  • If elected, what key bike infrastructure projects do you intend to implement? 

  • How is the population motivated to use bicycles instead of cars? How will you promote cycling as an attractive form of transportation? 

  • The most recent survey by the Australian Sports Commission indicated that men were two and a half times more likely to commute by bicycle than women. Why do you believe this is, and what is your strategy to encourage women to cycle? 

Thank you for your emailed letter of 26 July and I believe like you that bicycling is a good sport and also a good means of transport providing one is living within a reasonable distance of one's working and community activities environment, but do not believe it can ever replace four wheel vehicles or public transport. it is a handy additional means of transport, and that I guess answers question one.

In question 2, bicycle policies in the Labor Party platform are mentioned in line with public transport as often they are combined as the most effective means, taking into account the weather and topography in Tasmania, encouraged where feasible and viable.

In Question 3 and 4, I think Tasmania is well served for bicycle infrastructure at the moment and there are a number of recreational trails being developed under our tourism policies; so I will be encouraging bicycle use where people are fit and able and for recreational purposes, but with that I would like to see more road safety programs included with this.

In question 5, it really is a question of personal choice of transport and we have to deal with some pretty severe weather conditions in Tasmania at times. i think as a sport, cycling is a splendid past time and I have already sought and gained funding for the Northern Midlands velodrome to be reinstated. As a means of transport, I believe it does have some limitations.

Once again, question 6 is a question of ability; women of an age who would be bicycling, usually have family duties and children to attend to and cycling does make that easier. I think you will find if those findings are broken down, the men have a little more freedom in this respect than women.
hope you find this useful.

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