Ding - a light less ordinary

Des Burns, a leading designer in the Australian car manufacturing industry, has developed a new bike headlight which provides not only superior lighting on the path ahead but also an innovative safety feature of illuminating the bike itself.  He is about to launch his Safer Bike Light Design on Kickstarter in two weeks.

The DING bike light is designed in Adelaide and will be made in South Australia.  Des says "We wanted a beam pattern that provided the optimum riding condition for both the rider and other road users. Our additional downward beam is inventive and we have applied for patents. Car lighting has improved over the last 10 years, it is now time for bicycle lighting".

I like the improved lighting on the path ahead and to the sides, which would be much more useful than a puny spot on the road ahead.  You should get a better idea of what the wheel is about to hit.


The downwards light onto the front of the bike will enable drivers to see the shape of the bike and its direction of movement much more clearly, which should make riding at night safer.  For those of us with e-bikes and bright battery indicators on the bars, it may also reduce the relative glare of the LEDs.  They reckon "Having two beams also improves light adaption times whilst riding at night".

Get more details from the Ding webpage.  And keep an eye out for the launch on Kickstarter, where you can support this project and pick up a Ding light of your own ahead of the crowd and at a special early bird price.

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