Elphin Road

Approximate Distance: 500 m
Local Government Area: Launceston Council
Legislative Council Division: Launceston 
State/Federal Government Electorate: Bass

Proposed Upgrade

Continuation of the bike lanes on Elphin Road between Lime Avenue and Olive St

What are the Major Trip Generators and Attractors?

Newstead College, Scotch Oakburn, Launceston Church Grammar, Launceston Aquatic Centre, central Launceston 

What other Facilities will it Connect to? 

Central CBD lanes as well as the rest of Elphin Road and Penquite Road


Elphin Road is an important commuter route into central Launceston, connecting up schools and residences with facilities such as central Launceston and, up a short hill, the Launceston Aquatic Centre. It's a busy road and unfortunately the bike lane ends just when riders need additional protection from high turnover car parking , near the Elphin Store and Newsagency. In addition to being squeezed for space, the sightlines are poor here on the bend.


The image below shows the bike lane stopping on the southern approach to the bend between Olive Street and Lime Avenue. With some shifting of the car parks, the bike lanes could be continued to provide riders with defined space. 


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