The calendar above shows Bicycle Network Tasmania bike rides and events.

Mouse over the item to get a quick summary.  Click on the event to get more details and to RSVP for the event or ride. 

Bicycle Network Tasmania's free Social Rides are a great way to enjoy riding. With a range of rides on offer, you can pick the ride that suits your skill levels and interest, and you'll be in the company of friendly supportive people. Get more information here.

We use the power of Ride With GPS to develop and organise our rides. We recommend using the Ride With GPS app for accessing our Routes on the road.   Events that you RSVP for will show in your personal Ride With GPS calendar.  Members of Bicycle Network are eligible to join the Bicycle Network Tasmania Rides Club.   Get more information about the Rides Club and how to use it, here.

You can also register here to get a regular email alert about our upcoming Social Rides.  

If your schedule makes it difficult to tap into our Social Rides, have a look at our Ambassador Route program.  If you are comfortable with using GPS-assisted tools, our Ambassador Routes, powered by RideWithGPS, can be like having your own two wheeled guide to some of the best rides in Tassie.

Some other Tasmanian rides calendars you might like to check out: Tassie Trails (statewide, cycling & multisport), TBUG & LMBC (mostly northern), Hobart Wheelers/Dirt Devils (mostly southern).