Expect the Unexpected on the Bikepath

It is tempting to mentally relax when you get onto a bike path. You might drop your head and inspect the bike computer or have a daydream, or you might switch your lights to a lower setting to save power. But every so often there is a nasty surprise lurking up ahead, such as an obstacle deliberately placed on the path. To protect ourselves from the unexpected, we need to:

- acknowledge that there could be something on the track ahead, and keep looking for it

- ensure our lights are powerful enough for the speed at which we travel

There have been several instances of BT members encountering obstacles, clearing them and/or warning other riders, and immediately getting the message to the authorities (police, HCC, GCC). 



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  • Simon Reidy
    commented 2014-07-09 13:46:37 +1000
    It was only last week I looked down for a second, then nearly went over the handle bars due to a dog running towards me, off it’s leash on the bike track. The owner of the dog was sadly a cyclist himself – completing ignoring the no-pets sign, and seemingly oblivious to the safety of others (or his dog, which was nearly killed).
  • @BicycleTasmania tweeted this page. 2014-07-08 17:00:02 +1000
    Look ahead on the bikepath, you may come across something unexpected. http://www.biketas.org.au/expect_the_unexpected_on_the_bikepath?recruiter_id=2