Farewell Cycling Sunday

We are now starting to plan for Bike Week 2016.  Some big changes have been decided on. 

We will be shifting Bike Week into late January/February, and our major ride event for the week will be Ride the Night.  We have decided that it is time to rest our big Century Ride event, and also to let our Cycling Sunday all day event go.  The Century Ride has been run for five years now, and Cycling Sunday grew markedly over the last few years to become a big day of events for riders of all ages and capacities. 

Many of our members will have fond memories of taking part in the Century Ride, the Family Ride and the Relaxed Ride. Of making new friends and learning new skills.  

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of our Cycling Sunday rides for the past 5 years.    We have a store of photos of the events at these links, which you are welcome to browse.

Bike Week 2011            Century Ride 2012      Century Ride 2013         Century Ride 2014        




And a big thankyou to all our amazing volunteers, without whom these great events would not have succeeded.  You're the greatest!

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Ambrose Canning Ambrose Canning Ambrose Canning Peter Thurling Peter Thurling
Andrew Heard Andrew Heard Andrew Heard Alan Whykes Austin Greenwood
Andy Semmler Austin Greenwood Andy Semmler Alasdair Doyle Brad Woods
Austin Greenwood Carmel French Austin Greenwood Ambrose Canning Caroline Van Riet
Greg Dutkowski Dorothy McCartney Di Elliffe Ash Carr Cindy Flanagan
Heather Jagger Greg Dutkowski Dorothy McCartney Austin Greenwood Dorothy McCartney
Jeff Dunn Heather Jagger Greg Dutkowski Cind Flanagan Emma Pharo
Kathleen Mohr Jeff Dunn Heather Jagger Doroth McCartney Eveline Durkin
Liam Correy Kathleen Mohr Jeff Dunn Emma Pharo Grace Palos
Maura Mongan Patsy Jones Kathleen Mohr Eveline Durkin Greg Dutkowski
Patsy Jones Richard Nichols Mike Meerding Grant Munting Heather Chong
Richard Nichols   Patsy Jones Greg Dutkowski Jeff Dunn
    Robart Gavin Jeff Dunn Jill Walker
    Sally Dunn Jen Savenake Maryanne Skitt
      Just Berkhout Matthew Drake
      Kathleen Mohr Melissa Thurling
      Luke Gadd Michael Boon
      Mary Mallett Patsy Jones
      Michael Boon Stu Moysey
      Patrick Pattullo Tricia Sharples
      Patsy Jones  
      Robert Gavin  
      Sally Wayte  
      Sue Newstead  
      Tricia Sharples  


Stay tuned for an early schedule for next year's shiny new Bike Week.

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