Fed Election 2016 and Tassie bike riders

Here is a running tally of our campaign around Federal Election 2016.  Updates will be made as announcements are made.  Let us know if you hear about something we don't have listed here!

At the national level

What we want

Bicycle Network has published a comprehensive and detailed policy position for the Federal Election 2016 - check out the detail at #VoteBike2016 - and has pushed this to the parties and candidates. Top-line items are:

  1. Commit to a Bike Fund - Provide a $240 million annual bike infrastructure fund.
  2. Build for Bikes - Provide bike infrastructure with all transport projects.
  3. Get Aussies Active - Fund a national preventative health program that targets physical inactivity, particularly in young people.

Announcements and commitments

Liberal/National Coalition

  • Nothing specifically announced in the election campaign.
  • Current government policy:  ?
  • On the Feb 2016 Infrastructure Australia Priority List - there is only one Active Transport (Walking and Cycling) project - this is for improved access to Sydney CBD.  All the rest are road/rail/bus/airport/freight/irrigation/sewerage projects. 

Australian Labor

  1. invest $1.25 million in the Australian Bicycle Council to ensure the ongoing development of a national cycling strategy;
  2. require that all projects submitted to Infrastructure Australia add another criterion to its assessments – the inclusion of active transport modes including cycling and walking;
  3. work with States and Territories to consider establishing a new Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport Council, as outlined in the 2013 Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport report.

Australian Greens

  • Clean Transport Future, which invests in "Bicycle and pedestrian friendly cities to increase the amount of travel by walking and cycling" (Rice, 1 June).  Details include:

  1. Active Transport Fund worth $250 million annually for cycling and walking infrastructure;
  2. $300 million in additional funding for the Black Spot road safety program, this additional funding to flow to urgent and effective road safety fixes, with a particular focus on rural roads and on dangerous black spots that are endangering cyclists and motorcyclists.

Science/Cyclists Party

  • https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/vote-bike/latest/4285/
  • The Australian Cyclists Party has embraced as a framework Bicycle Network’s comprehensive “A Nation of Bike Riders – Federal Election Policy Paper 2016”, with one significant change—it has added a greenhouse reduction objective. However there are no specific ACP candidates standing in Tasmania.


At the State level

What we want

Bicycle Network Tasmania has nominated the following infrastructure projects for Election2016 funding:


  • North West Coastal PathwayThis 110 kilometre coastal trail, from Latrobe to Wynyard, will link the local towns and communities of North West Tasmania and become a huge tourist destination.  


  • West Tamar Highway, surface and separation
  • Offroad trail from Riverside to Legana
  • North East Rail Trail, back into Launceston from Cold Water Creek - This section links the existing 28km path in Scottsdale back to Launceston. Completion of this new section will make the NE Rail Trail into a multi-day tourism trail.


  • Derwent Valley Rail Trail - conversion of 7km of rail corridor to a shared walking and riding path, connecting the farm outlets and cafes of Westerway to the entrance of Mt Field National Park.


  • Tasman Bridge to Airport bikepath - to include a pathway along the Kangaroo Bay Rivulet/Tasman Hwy, underpass at Mornington, and shoulder sealing/bike lanes on Cambridge Road.


  • Direct University campus connections, including the Battery Point Walkway and direct route to the InterCity Cycleway.  Battery Point continues to be a key missing link in Hobart and is becoming more critical with the University’s shift into central Hobart. People need to be able to walk and bike between the city and Sandy Bay campuses.
  • Lutana Link - a project that connects the suburb of Lutana to the Intercity Cycleway.


Announcements and Commitments

Liberal/National Coalition

  • $300K towards the $4.1M Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Development - this will link Sheffield, Railton and Latrobe with a series of MTB trails to suit both beginners and serious MTBers (Hutchinson, 6 June).
  • $150K for the Meander Valley Cycling Strategy, which will focus on planning and mapping potential mountain bike trails from existing tracks, unused forestry and logging trails, and private properties (Hutchinson, 6 June).
  • $1.6 million to complete stage two of the Blue Tier mountain bike trails.  The 112 kilometre second stage includes two trail networks, a point-to-point trail and a descent into the Bay of Fires. (Hutchinson, 21 June).

Australian Labor

  • $1.86 million for construction of the Cooee to Wynyard shared pathway (Justine Keay, 30 June)
  • $1.5 million for a shared pathway link from East Devonport to Port Sorell (Justine Keay and Brian Mitchell, 30 June).
  • $2.2 million toward building a shared pathway from Latrobe to Devonport, which envisages visitors to Tasmania departing the Spirit of Tasmania and cycling to Bells Parade at Latrobe before linking up to the Kentish Trails (candidates for Braddon Justine Keay and Lyon Brian Mitchel, 16 June).
  • $1.275 million to finish the Burnie Waterfront Master Plan through the development of the shared pathway. The funding is part of Labor’s announcement of a new $44 million Tasmania Tourism Infrastructure Fund to support the tourism industry, which may include a section of the NorthWest Coastal Pathway (Shorten, 2 June).
  • $2.876 million for the Wynyard waterfront plans.  This development will link the East Wynyard Foreshore pathway to one in Richard Gutteridge Gardens, making for a complete off road experience for cyclists of several kilometres (via Waratah Wynyard Council, 9 June).
  • $1.5 million to develop the Kentish Trails Masterplan (candidates for Braddon Justine Keay and Lyon Brian Mitchel, 16 June).
  •  $1.7 million to complete the connection from Scottsdale to Launceston as part of Tasmania’s North East Rail Trail. As TBUG's Malcolm Reid says, this is potentially a hugely significant tourism project for northern Tasmania as well as providing a real boost to community health outcomes by making access to the new trail so much easier for everyone.

    "Labor’s plan will see the trail between Coldwater Creek Station fully connected through to the cycling trail currently being constructed by the Launceston City Council because it is the most critical to fully realising the impact of the visitation and visitor experience.
    Cyclists will be able to explore the beautiful landscape through Tasmania’s most picturesque villages, farmland, vineyards, art galleries and cafes. The rail trail passes through the rural hamlets of Karoola, Lalla, Lilydale, Tunnel, Lebrina, Nabowla, Lietinna, Scottsdale and onto Billycock Hill" (Ross Hart and Helen Polley, 30 June).

Australian Greens

  •  A $5 million package for development of mountain biking in Tas.  The bulk of the package to be for MTB infrastructure. Wildside to receive $20,000, $100,000 would be spent on revamping the Tasmanian Mountain Bike Master Plan and $500,000 would supply specific assistance for small businesses (Peter Whish-Wilson, Examiner, 18 June).
  • $20 million for walking and cycling infrastructure in Tas - this is part of the national $250 million package (see above) (Anna Reynolds, Jen Brown, 26 June).


  • Andrew Wilkie (MHR, Denison) has advised that he supports Bicycle Network's VoteBike2016 priorities, and he also supports the Greens Party's Active Transport Fund commitment. He supports the Lutana Link project.


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