Federal Election 2013 Campaign

About this campaign

Bicycle Tasmania has sent candidate questionnaires to all House of Representatives Candidates in Tasmania. The questions are aimed to better inform voters of candidate policies and views to supporting and encouraging bike riding in Tasmania.  

Bicycle Tasmania's Federal Election Campaign aims to provide safer facilities for cyclists, encourage more Tasmanians to commute by bicycle and ensure that bike use is on the Federal Election agenda. The social, economic and health benefits associated with bike riding are many and well understood. Providing first-class bike facilities is paramount to promote bike use, and so build healthy and lively communities. 

Click on candidate's image, to view response. 

For information on major party policies on bikes, click here.

Any questions about Bicycle Tasmania's Election Campaign can be directed to:

Alasdair Doyle
[email protected]
m. 0481 154 710 


Ratings criteria

The candidates responses have been scored on the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to facilitating bike projects within their electorate.
  2. Understanding of economic, social and health benefits of bike use.
  3. Policies to encourage and support safety of bike riders.
  4. Commitment to more people riding more often - i.e. increased transport mode-share.
  5. Support for increased funding and recurrent funding.

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