Tour de Femme 2013 – Participants Comments 

On a scale of 1 to 5, average rating was 4.7 

"I really enjoyed the ride. Maybe offer some suggestions on bike gear selection, although it was a very flat ride which I appreciated. Perhaps a compulsory stop so that the slower riders could catch up. Being up with the front group I was pleased to be shown how to negotiate crossing over to the right of the road for the roundabout crossings. It was a very tasty fruit and sandwich selection, much appreciated. All in all a well organized event. I hope all involved in the org. were pleased.

Good! First rd ride. Not bad at all nice and flat,well supported, friendly, appreciated lens help with wheel. Nice spread of food. Must have been good cos I'm going on the 50 k next sun !!
Good! First rd ride. Not bad at all nice and flat,well supported, friendly, appreciated lens help with wheel. Nice spread of food. Must have been good cos I'm going on the 50 k next sun !!

"Great ride - thanks heaps the riders were well supported and that's appreciated - would love to see more rides like this :)

Everything was good about it - it was good to have Sharyn VB send us on our way and it is good for a first time ride. Maybe next time a second choice would be good, with slightly more challenging but still women.

"Was a lovely ride even tho the weather wasn't crach hot. Nice sandwiches at the end and the surprise packages were a great idea. Would like thank Ken Selfs Cycles for all their effort.

Maybe an all out effort to go around the high schools and talk to the girls about the ride along with the benefits of riding for fitness as well as the socialization of riding in a group.Some might like to put in a team with a prize for the best dressed team or best effort by a team. "

"It was a great ride which helped get my daughter and her friend on the rode for the first time. Its an event that is well worth having. I would like to see a longer ride for females as well I would really like to go on a tougher ride with women."

My daughter and I loved it. I spoke to you about it being my first event. It was great to encourage less experienced riders to join a 'flat' ride. I was motivated as the competition level was low.

Hi. Thankyou so much for the organisation required for this to go off without a hitch. We had a great ride, thoroughly enjoyed it, and even enjoyed the drizzle. Fantastic!
I enjoyed the ride, would have liked it to have had an optional longer ride. Out to Sorell and maybe back through Shark Point, Midway Point, or back through Richmond for more experienced riders. Keep it an all female ride. Start longer ride earlier so hopefully we all finish about the same time for refreshments and chat. 

Was a pitty about the weather, but in the end it was only water and thankfully it wasn't windy. I will do it again next year rain, hail or shine, and bring more friends with me. Try promoting the ride through the High Schools and Colleges. My husband has just told me that the ride was for beginners, in that case it was great, but I would still like to see the optional longer ride. Many Thanks for an enjoyable morning.

"Very convivial and well organised. Excellent food. Thank you for the speech!
The cyclist riding with me (she never did the tour) got confused at the first roundabout which is also the last one. On the way back, she thought she had to follow the sign taking her towards Acton road again instead of Cambridge."

I made it!! - just!. I have never ridden 20 kms before and never ridden on a busy highway. I found the pace too fast and noone stopped for a drink/short rest etc .I couldnt keep up with my friend and she thought I was behind her but couldnt look because of the traffic. I got behind and I was almost last when we came to the airport round-about . If it hadnt been for a fellow rider (Dorothy) I would never have had the courage to go on. The Marshall was positioned too far back from the roundabout to be of any assistance. I think the ride would have been much better if there had been "rest stops" for those who wanted to stop and chat etc.But I am proud of myself for completing the ride and would like to do it again!

Was my first ride since recovering from a broken leg which required surgery to fix (broken when I fell off my bike). It was perfect for me, I felt really good and that is a huge help with rebuilding my riding confidence.

It was very well organised. Compliments to the organisers. No suggestions for improvement.

Enjoyed the ride, despite the weather!. Lovely of the Clarence Council to sponsor the event with the sanwiches and fruit at the end - very much appreciated. Gave a chance to mingle with others. Likewise, the gift packs (Ken Self Cycles?) were a nice touch.

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