Have your say - Hobart's by-laws

If you're looking for your next opportunity to influence public policy in the City of Hobart, here's your chance.  The City has presented several by-laws for public review.  We've had a look, and have suggested to Council the recommendation below. 

Feel free to copy and paste into your own submission.    You might find something else interesting, if so do share it!

This is the website with the by-laws up for comment, and where you will also find the webform for online comment.


Re. Public Spaces By-Law

"18. Sale of vehicles
The General Manager may signpost areas in a public space where vehicles are not to be offered for sale.
19. A person must not park or leave a vehicle offered for sale in an area signposted by the General Manager pursuant to clause 18, unless authorised to do so.
Penalty: 10 penalty units"

Bicycle Network Tasmania suggests that this by-law be amended to refuse permission for people to leave vehicles advertised for sale on public thoroughfares.  Along Sandy Bay Road is one example of a location where there are consistently half a dozen cars parked for sale and taking up valuable road space.  In this location we would otherwise be a lot closer to using that space for installation of a protected bikelane.  It is bad enough that we still allow drivers to use valuable road space for short term storage of vehicles, and this sort of long term parking which is not associated with personal time-based use should be heavily discouraged.



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