Have Your Say on the Future of Clarence St

Clarence Alderman Sharyn von Bertouch, local bike riders, the Bicycle Network Tasmania committee and Bicycle Network advisers have fought long and hard to make the case for bike lanes.

Now we need bikers to step up and help us to convince the Clarence City Council that Clarence St needs to be redesigned to the benefit of all road users.

All the background to help you make your submission has been outlined by Bicycle Network to its members and to the council:


Two public information sessions will be held at the Howrah Recreation Centre on:

  • Wednesday May 10 from 2pm until 4.30pm; and
  • Thursday May 11 from 5pm until 7pm.

Council staff will be in attendance to answer questions you may have on both options.

People can also make written or email or online survey submissions, which will close on May 19.

Details on the consultation are on the Clarence City website:   http://www.ccc.tas.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1937

Note the options being presented are:

  • Option A - maintains Clarence Street primarily as it currently is with some changes to the median islands and line markings, and
  • Option B - our preferred option - includes line marking to define lanes for vehicles, bicycles and on-road parking along Clarence Street.

Below is a link illustrating the bike lane option.


There are illustrations of the two options on the website and, critically, the original 2010 report from the engineering consultants Sinclair Knight Merz which supported the installation of bike lanes.

The fact that the public consultation is happening at all is a major turnaround by the Council, which previously would not entertain any bike lanes on Clarence St.   In December 2015, a majority of Aldermen disregarded advice from their own officers and from a community reference group that they should consider bike safety in the major redesign of what is a busy, crash-prone major arterial road. 

If you choose to do the online survey, here are some sample words you could drop in / edit:

As a daily commuter / regular rider / ....  along Clarence St, I support Option B of the proposals. 

Clarence St is an important route for cycling, especially for commuter riders, as it is the most direct connection towards Bellerive. Rider numbers on this route are steadily increasing, as measured by Bicycle Network's annual commuter bike count.

Bikelanes along Clarence Street are recommended in the Council's own Bicycle Action Plan and in the Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network Plan.

The movement of traffic along the street will be moderated and made safer for all road users by the clearer definition of lanes for vehicles,  car parking and bikes.  It will be safer for cyclists and also for pedestrians, including kids walking or riding to school.  It will be less stressful for drivers to have clear zones for bikes marked out.  Bus drivers, for example,  have reported that driving along Sandy Bay Road is much less stressful for them since similar bikelanes were installed there.


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