Hobart Speed Reduction Proposal

The Department of Infrastructure, Engineering and Resources has recommended the implementation of Stage 2 of Hobart speed reductions. The speed reductions from 60km/h to 50km/h are aimed to provide safer facilities for vulnerable road users and motorists, and reduce the risk of fatal and serious injuries. 

The reduction of vehicle operating speeds will play a key role in supporting and encouraging safe transport movements by vulnerable road users, whilst further providing greater consistency of speed limits around Hobart, helping motorists navigate the network.

The scope of Stage 2 includes: 

  • Argyle St (Burnett St-New Town Rd), 1.25km
  • Augusta Rd 1 (Elizabeth St-Lenah Valley Shopping Zone), 1.1km
  • Augusta Rd 2 (Lenah Valley Shopping Zone-Creek Rd), .55km
  • Churchill Ave (Primrose Pl-Sandy Bay Rd), 2.75km
  • Creek Rd (Augusta Rd-New Town Rd), 1.5km
  • Davey St (Southern Outlet-Congress St), 1.2km
  • Elizabeth St-New Town Rd (Federal St-Municipal boundary), 2.8km
  • Giblin St-Forster St (Augusta Rd-New Town Rd), 1.2km
  • Lenah Valley Rd (Creek Rd-Girrabong Ave), .55km
  • Risdon Rd (New Town Rd-Brooker Hwy), 1km
  • Sandy Bay Rd (Nelson Rd-Lower Sandy Bay Shopping Zone), 1.95km

Stage 1 was implemented in 2011 including Davey Street, Molle Street and parts of the CBD. 

The Hobart City Council has asked RACT to seek feedback on the proposal. You can let the council know what you think of the proposed speed reductions here.  

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  • Kathleen Mohr
    commented 2013-09-19 08:37:05 +1000
    It would be good to end the confusion of urban speed zones. Make everything urban 50km, so you don’t have to worry if the road you’re on is 50km or 60km. With 40km zones for shopping areas, CBD and school zones