How would you spend $1M?

If you had $1M for bikes, what would you spend it on?

This was the second provocative question asked of Hobart's riders at last Thursday’s Bicycle Network free barbecue next to the Hobart Rivulet Track.

We have a runaway winner.  Not entirely unexpectedly, it was for better bike lanes on the Tasman Bridge, closely followed by removing the cleaning gantries and putting them underneath the bridge span.

Another big issue was the Battery Point Foreshore Cycle Path, which was knocked back in June 2015 by the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal.

Barbecue stopper No. 3 was for a bike lane under Molle St, so that riders using the Hobart Rivulet track can cross this busy road safely.

The other ideas floated were:

  • A better road to Mt Wellington.
  • Resurface Hobart streets.
  • A new bridge over the Derwent for bikes and pedestrians only.
  • A bike lane on Collins St.
  • A bike-share scheme.
  • Stoplights on three major road crossings on the InterCity Cycleway.
  • Waymarked routes into major towns.
  • Bike racks on buses.

We can report that, on some of those issues, serious work is under way by the State Government and by the Hobart City Council.

The Government has recognised that something needs to be done to significantly improve conditions for riders on the Tasman Bridge and has been investigating options.

We are keenly watching the Battery Point Foreshore Pathway project.

The Hobart City Council has begun planning for bike lanes in Collins St and has been wrestling with the recognised problem of the Molle St crossing for both riders and pedestrians.

A bike-share scheme has the support of the Hobart Lord Mayor Sue Hickey and there will be discussions between the Council and the University of Tasmania on this in the light of the extensive UTAS developments in the Hobart CBD.  Bicycle Network’s view is that a pilot scheme should test the viability of such a scheme and that the new UTAS student accommodation in Melville St offers an opportunity to do so.





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