Howrah to Rokeby

Approximate Distance: 4.6 km
Local Government Area: Clarence
Legislative Council Division: Pembroke
State/Federal Government Electorate: Franklin

Proposed Style of Facility

Off road shared path

What are the Major Trip Generators and Attractors?

Shoreline shopping centre, Howrah Garden Centre, Rokeby Place, suburbs of Rokeby, Oakdowns and Claredon Vale

What other Facilities will it Connect to? 

Existing off road path along South Arm Highway

What Documents does this fit Under? 

Clarence Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan


This is part of a large, multi-stage project from the Shoreline Roundabout to Droughty Point Road in Rokeby.  The first stage was to Oceana Drive and was completed in 2009. It includes a concrete bike path along part of South Arm Highway to the top of Clarence St.


Stage 1: The current section under construction is the Pass Road intersection, which is due for completion in 2014. The current Stage 1 work at Pass Road includes minor alteration to the existing shared pathway and 2 metre shoulders on-road. The existing path ends near the fire station, as shown below. 


Stage 2: The section to the east of Oceana Drive to west of Pass Road is currently being planned, with construction occurring from 2014-2015. This section will also include the reuse (where possible) of some redundant sections of the Rokeby Road alignment as a 3 metre bi-directional cycle path or new sections where this is not achievable due to constraints, plus some retention of the existing 2.5 metre shared path and 2 metre shoulders on-road.

Stage 3: The final section is east of Pass Road intersection through to Droughty Point Road – planning has not commenced and is currently unfunded. We will be pushing for off-road path options along the Grange Road West alignment as part of the planning for this last stage of the project.

All of the stages have made some provision for off-road walking and cycling, as well as some on-road. Some of it is less than ideal because of the high cost of digging up services in the places we'd like a shared path. Other constraints include embankments, drop-offs, poles and wire rope barriers and these obstacles are compounded by a lack of space through Rokeby and along the Grange Road West corridor.  

Smaller improvements to the existing facilities will be possible by working with Clarence City Council, such as investing in a route via Grange Road West to enhance its attractiveness/usefulness for pedestrians and bike riders.

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