IKEA Conquers Inner City, by Bike

IKEA has 356 stores world-wide, just about all of which are located on the edge of town. Until now.  IKEA recently opened a store in Germany, in Hamburg's city centre.  Bicycles will play an important role.  

IKEA announced that this is an "expensive experiment" (the cost of opening this store is around 80 million Euro, or about 115 million AUD), but that "this is the only way to test whether there is demand for this inner city store concept and it can serve as a model for other big cities", according to spokesman Johannes Ferber.

IKEA aims to reach the growing inner city customer base, including those without cars, and expects that more than half of them will arrive by either public transport or bicycle.  Cargo bikes will be made available to lug your loot home.  And for about $15 an IKEA courier will ride the bike for you!




(for those who read Dutch: https://antwerpenize.be/post/90353319527/ikea-gaat-op-de-fiets-de-binnenstad-veroveren)

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