Infrastructure Minister supports public transport

It was refreshing to hear Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding today defend the Metro in the context of the transport priorities of local government.   In today's GBE Hearings, he asked how the Metro could be expected to increase patronage in a context where Councils are supporting increased car parking and failing to provide bus-only lanes.

Mr Hidding told the Legislative Council committee the proliferation of carparks in the Hobart CBD and a resistance to dedicated bus lanes on busy city arteries meant cars were still by far the preferred option.


“This company operates in a very constrained environment because of planning decisions,” he said.  “For $40 million a year we should have a lot more people on buses.”

We couldn't agree more, and it would have been the icing on the cake if he could also have added that additional provision of bike lanes would also encourage people to shift away from their cars towards healthier, sustainable transport choices.

The proliferation of car parks around Hobart is hindering Metro Tasmania’s efforts to increase public transport use.



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